TANGO IT equine therapeutics & services

- Sophie Taiki

"More Than Massage"

TANGO IT Equine Therapeutics & Services is dedicated to my Off The Track Thoroughbred, Charlie Tango

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.”

My vision

“Our horses are super important to us. They become our go-to’s when we need a ridiculously muzzled smooch, or we need to escape those daily stresses and clear the mind. Our horses provide us with so much more then just a animal to carry us on for our pleasure, and thats where I come in. My vision is to be a horses relaxation mechanism, to improve everyday performance, health and mentality. To assist horses to move in a relaxed, light and lively way and enjoy their work. To relieve pain, restriction and tension in the mind and body, to prevent injury and encourage horse owners to listen to their horses and to keep educating myself on what our horses require in order to be at their very best”

– Sophie Taiki