Charlie Tango & I

“A great horse will change your life. The truly special ones define it…”


My name is Sophie Taiki and I am a Qualified and Australia Wide Accredited Equine Body Therapist and a recognized Practitioner of the ETAA, Equine Therapies Association of Australia, based in Echuca VIC 3564.

I am 29, happily married, a mother to a 4 year old daughter. I have 2 horses, 4 dogs (all my dogs are the same age so I did the puppy thing once but x 4) & a cat.
Anyone who knows me personally knows my greatest passion is animals, big & small!
I was a training Veterinary Nurse before we had our daughter. Even though I was almost finished, unfortunately I didn’t become qualified after realising I’m too sensitive – meaning I was a complete mess with any euthanasia’s and also because I couldn’t do x-rays while pregnant.
I learnt a lot of valuable lessons to carry within my life though, so it wasn’t for nothing.

This is where my wee story begins..

31st August 2018

I went to the sale yards in Echuca for a look, I have never been to the sale yards before.

I had a walk around, so many beautiful horses.
It probably wasn’t allowed but I had cut up carrots in my pockets and as I walked along, I would give a horse a carrot.
I had no intention of leaving the sale yards with a horse.
Just as I was leaving, I heard bidding in the arena & decided to stay and watch.
Many horses came in ridden.
Lots of beautiful horses who went for large amounts of money & I bet fantastic homes.
Then, Charlie Tango came in.. a 12 year old Thoroughbred & with all the loud noise around, something happened, it went silent for me & I just watched Charlie and as weird as it sounds, it was like everything was in slow motion
People started bidding on him and for some crazy reason I was drawn to him.
Well, I ended up bidding on him and won!
Prior to this, when I was 17 years old, I was given my first horse – a Standardbred, Grady, who I never had any problems with.
Get on him and away we go!
Grady didn’t even need a vet in the 5 years I owned him.
Essentials were carried out though of course!
Anyway my friend brought Charlie back to my house for me.
I then realised what I was in for…
  • Cracked hooves all the way to the top of the coronet band
  • Teeth very painful & sharp
  • Incredibly back sore
  • Full of worms
I then did some digging about him.
Found out he was a racehorse until age 4 but retired early due to being a “bleeder” on the track, he had 4 starts.
He had many, many owners after he retired and became neglected.
Charlie is now 13 years old.
It took me 7 months with help from my professional services to get him healthy, happy & pain free!
A whole lot of love, time & money.
Now he’s a brilliant, easy going boy.
Very enjoyable to ride & be around.
I love him dearly.
Our other horse, Prince, he’s my daughter’s little Shetland who we brought 2 weeks prior to me getting Charlie.
Fast forward again to the start of March this year..
I was thinking about what I wanted to do with my life.
I was so amazed at how far Charlie had come and how humans helped him.
He trusted them & me to give him an incredible life.
I thought, I want to help other horses just how my professionals helped Charlie, so I decided to do an Equine Massage course!
Which then led to Tissue Mobilisation, Red Light Therapy and Kinesiology Taping!

Charlie gave me the kick up the bum I needed & here I am.

He’s changed my life and he’s the reason I started this journey & career.

TANGO IT Equine Therapeutics & Services is dedicated to Charlie Tango.

 If you have gotten this far, Thankyou for reading & I hope you trust me with your beloved horses the same way Charlie and I trusted our professional services!
Sophie & Charlie Tango xx

Life With Charlie Tango